The Roxbury Local is our daughter, Lael’s, online business, dedicated to bringing Litchfield (Connecticut) County’s products to a wider audience—-and to create a Litchfield County experience for anyone who doesn’t live there. Lael and her husband, Brian, fell in love with the area when they moved there in 2013. They have spent countless hours at local fairs, farmers’ markets, and festivals, admiring the craftsmanship and pride that goes into every product. When we’re visiting, they eagerly take Mike and me around to different businesses—-we’ve loved every place that we’ve gone. If you get a minute, take a look at the the crafts and food items available on The Roxbury Local’s website.

Lael loves to cook, and has spent a lot of time exploring new recipes. The family loves this particular one because not only are these cookies delicious, they’re really chewy—-even a day or two later. She is often part of a cooking team. Most of Lael’s recipes are prepared with the expert assistance of soon-to-be 4-years-old daughter Sammy—-quality control adviser and taste tester. No wonder they’re so good 😊