Ever taken a personality test? Not the quick ones that we all find in magazines from time-to-time, but the professional personality tests that are often administered by employers for various reasons, such as team-building. Typically, these tests aren’t terribly time consuming, and they don’t ask about deep dark secrets, but the results can be surprisingly accurate and insightful. Sometimes, I’ve actually been a little embarrassed because they revealed parts of my personal nature that prior to that test, had been seen only by people in my inner circle. It’s surprising how much our so-called “benign, everyday actions” can tell about us.

16 Personalities

A friend of ours who is a clinical psychologist recently asked Mike and me to take a personality test called 16 Personalities. The test took less than half-an-hour to complete, and the questions were easy to answer—they were general questions about what we thought our actions would be in everyday-life situations—nothing too probing or too personal. That said, both Mike and I were surprised at how accurate and insightful we believed the results were! I went on to look at the website, and found it to be packed with a lot of other free resources—articles and information on the study of personality, some of which are listed below.

The test results start by determining which one of the four personality categories you fall into—Analyst, Diplomat, Sentinel, or Explorer. The category is then broken down into four additional personality types—and again, you learn which one you are (based on your responses). The analysis described the traits and tendencies of people in each of these groups, as well as how they are likely to behave. For example, “The Advocate” is a personality type within the Diplomat category—and you can either be an Assertive Advocate or a Turbulent Advocate. The test then looks at five personality aspects: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics, and Identity. The Mind aspect is how we interact with our surroundings—to what degree are you an introvert or an extravert? You’re likely some of both—there is a scale between “0” and “100”–perhaps you are 55% introverted and 45% extraverted. The Energy aspect determines how you see the world and process information—are you more intuitive, preferring novelty over stability—or are you more observant, highly practical, pragmatic, and down-to-earth? The information in this section only scratches the surface of your test results.     

And there’s more…

The test was developed and is analyzed by NERIS Analytics Limited—a small, private company out of the UK. (For more on the firm’s approach, please see Our Framework). In addition to the 16Personalities test, there is a wealth of interesting, easy-to-read, and downright fun information on their website about the science of personality—translated into 30+ languages. The website’s free resources include a discussion forum, additional surveys, a world personality map, and a Trait Scholar Tool that is designed to give you a more nuanced look at your personality profile. Additionally, there are many articles, such as: Coping When It Seems Like There’s No Good News; I’m Not Stubborn, I’m Persistent (looking at you, Roye children…😊); and Venturesome Vocations: Explorer Personality Types and Career Compatibility (Part 1). There is also a premium service that gives access to a more in-depth “Premium Profile,” as well as an online Academy.

So, how well do you think you know yourself? I’m guessing you still have a little extra time on your hands—and taking this test might give you some insights into your own personality that might better prepare you for socializing in person again. It really will happen again—someday!😊

Until then, stay safe and healthy!

While the author found her own test results to be insightful and accurate, Maggie Stenman Communications, LLC (MSCLLC) makes no claims or representations as to the accuracy of the 16Personalities test results. Additionally, MSCLLC considers that the 16Personalities test should be taken on a purely voluntary basis, and taken for entertainment and informational purposes only.