Connecting with others is huge, but connecting with yourself is even more important. “Whaat?” you say—-how can you not connect with yourself? I mean, you’re with you all the time!

True—-but that deep dive takes time and courage. Many of us wind up asking some hard questions—-some that are hard enough that we’d rather not ask—-“at least not now, I don’t have the time,” we tell ourselves. And off we go, buried in our schedule.

Maybe we can hide from who we really are, but how we got to where we are can come up easily. It seems to be fair game for even casual discussions, triggered by a life event, or a milestone birthday or anniversary for ourselves, our kids, or people close to us—-if not out loud, then at least within.   

Then we have to decide—-do I look deeper or shake it off? Because the next step in that deep dive—-now that you’ve come to this awakening—-is questioning the dynamics of your relationships.

So, these potential revelations involve not only you, but people who may be close to you. Do you really want to upset that applecart???

I have taken the plunge inward, twice. Neither time, was it planned:)—-so watch out, those questions can simmer for a while, but they may step to the forefront when you don’t expect them. The first time was when I stopped working full time to start a freelance writing business. Mike went off to work, the kids got on the bus, and I went home to a quiet house for the first time in more than 15 years. I started to notice a lot of things around the house that I wanted to change. They just didn’t look right, anymore. One week earlier—-in the throes of our schedule—-those same things looked just fine to me. That was the start. As the weeks unfolded, instead of sizing up our house, I looked inward, noticing situations or relationships that didn’t feel quite right. I asked a lot of questions, made the most of my alone time, and came to realizations that were long overdue.

The second plunge took place when we were about to move to FL, and is discussed in the post, Realizations 101—-Who Did You Really Turn Out to Be? Both deep dives raised questions that I didn’t even know existed. Once they became clear, though, I had to answer them, and became stronger and happier from having done so.  

So, the posts in this section get a little more personal than the other sections. You won’t find any deep, dark secrets:), but I hope you’ll find information that can help you in your own journey inward.

Until next time,

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