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I have used this life hack countless times, including cleaning a large chocolate stain off of new (of course they were new…) stonewash twill crops. Someone had dropped chocolate cake with chocolate sauce on the seat of our restaurant booth, and it hadn’t been cleaned properly. In my defense, it was a dark-colored booth but now I’m a little more observant instead of just sliding in…

I got the paste on the crops within about 60 minutes, let them sit overnight, and threw them in the wash the next day. The spot was about 90% lighter. I repeated the process and the second time, the spot was completely gone.

I have also used this to remove chocolate sauce (yes, there does seem to be a pattern here…) from a white cotton T-shirt. In this case, it was one-and-done. 

Note: Both Sherry and I have used only Dawn—not sure if this trick works with other liquid dish soaps. Please let me know the results if you try it. Also, as you’ve probably guessed, the sooner you get the paste on the stain, the better—-and my stain came out even after I had dried the pants, but better to check the clothing before it goes in the dryer, in case the clothes need a second application. Good luck!

Important note: I would suggest not using this solution on linen or linen blend fabrics. Since this original post, I have done so twice, with a worsening of the stain as a result.

The solution has worked remarkably well on all the other fabrics that I’ve tried.

Clean a fabric stain using hydrogen peroxide, liquid Dawn, and baking soda: Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn in a small bowl. Add enough baking soda to make a fairly thick paste. Cover the stain with the paste and let sit 6-8 hours or overnight. Wash normally.

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