Food…one of my favorite topics of conversation, whether we’re talking about recipes or restaurants. It is one of, if not the most important factor that we can control to affect our health. For many of us, the relationship that we have with food is complicated—we love it, it doesn’t love us. We live to eat instead of eating to live. I get it. For me, food represents so much of what I love in life—taking the time and focus to be in the now and enjoying life with family and friends. And all the while, trying not to overdo.

Mike and I love to get together with family and friends, and food typically plays a big role at those gatherings. I’m always interested to see how different foods create different environments. I try to think about the event and the crowd, and how the food that I cook or bring might make others feel—the festivity of beautifully decorated cupcakes, the comfort of mac ‘n cheese, the gift of a dinner that reflects the time and effort that has gone into its preparation. All too often, it’s “…so many choices, so little time…”

Cooking has become one of my favorite ways to relax and/or create. The recipes in this section represent some old and new favorites that I hope you’ll enjoy and share. And speaking of sharing—please feel free to send some of your favorite recipes this way—

Thanks in advance—I’ll be looking for them!