This recipe is a twist on bacon cheeseburgers—one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I won’t say that this method improves on the overall taste of the burger, but it does offer a different and fun presentation. You may like it better if you really love bacon, though, as you can use more bacon for the wrapper than you would probably use if you just laid the strips on top of the burger.

There are two ways to stuff these burgers. You can either make a well in the burger and put the cheese in the well, or if you have burgers that are thick enough, slice them in half (making two thin patties), lay the cheese on top of one of the patties, and cover that half with the other plain meat half.

We usually buy pre-made burgers but if you make your own, I’m told that onion soup mix adds a great taste to the meat.


  • Burgers—your call as to how thick/big you want them
  • Cheese—about as much as you would use if you were going to top your burger with cheese. If your burgers are thick, consider using an extra slice in the middle. With its size and shape, Babybel is a good choice if you’re going to make a well.
  • Bacon—4-6 slices per burger
  1. Depending upon the method you choose, either slice the burgers in half (so that you have two thin patties, not two thick half circles) or make a well in the burgers.
  2. Depending on method, either lay the cheese across the halves or stuff the cheese in the wells.
  3. Lay 2-to-3 pieces of bacon across the top of the burgers. For an interesting presentation, take the other 2-to-3 pieces and weave them over-and-under the pieces that are already there. You can always just wrap the single slices of bacon around the burgers.

4. Flip the burgers over and repeat if bacon slices are long enough. Otherwise, press the slices together to seal. Hold together with a toothpick if needed.

5. Remove toothpicks, grill, and serve.