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 Maggie Stenman

Maggie is a writer, an entrepreneur, an investment professional, and the mother of three grown children. Finding My Piece of the Puzzle represents a longtime goal of creating content that resonates with people in their everyday lives.

An investment professional with more than 30 years in the industry, Maggie has experience in asset management, institutional bond sales, and writing and communications. She continues to use this background as a freelancer. 

Maggie is a staunch advocate of striking work/life balance, and her proudest accomplishment is that of being the mom of three adult children. Having worked full time when they were preschoolers, Maggie opted out of a successful investment career to be at home when the kids were in elementary school. She developed an independent writing business, and worked as a freelance financial writer until the youngest went off to college. She then returned to full-time work.

A lifelong resident of New England, Maggie, her husband, Mike Roye, and their cat, Decker, embarked on their next chapter by moving to FL. They are loving every minute of it! 

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Contributing Author

Lael Roye Gibbs

Lael is the busy mom of two young children. When time permits, Lael pursues her interest in home and creating environment, as well as her love of their family’s local area by working with with her husband, Brian, as a designer in home renovation. Her past accomplishments include founding The Roxbury Local, an online marketplace focused on artisan products from Litchfield County, CT, and being an athletic trainer. Lael graduated from James Madison University, and will be a contributing author to Finding My Piece of the Puzzle.

Lael, Brian, their daughter, and son live in CT, and Mike and I (Maggie) are very proud to be Lael’s parents.

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