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Appreciating Life’s Common Threads

Welcome to “Finding My Piece of the Puzzle” and thank you for stopping by!

We all need a place to unwind and recharge, and sometimes, getting out with a friend just isn’t an option. So when you can’t get away, try coming here.

Or maybe you’ll decide that this is just a nice place to stop by to see what’s new—either way, it works. Stay for as long as you like.

I decided to start this website after having dozens of conversations with friends, colleagues, family members, and even some strangers about topics that mattered to us all—where we are in life, how we got to our respective points, and how all of that fits into the bigger picture. Where we fit in our respective puzzles. Many of these topics may interest you, too—in fact, you’ve probably had conversations similar to some of the ones here.

You’ll also find a lot of good recipes here. Many of my conversations with friends revolve around food. We also talk about travel, health and wellness, and other fun stuff. It’s all here.

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So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and join us—you have plenty of company in life’s twists and turns!

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